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Patron Feedback Comments Suggestions

Hey Former Patron!

What a journey. Next month marks 1 year since I started this new adventure. I can’t say it’s gone exactly as planned but it’s going! And that’s all thanks to you, my former supporters because you helped it get off the ground!

With the new year only 5 or so weeks away I’m thinking about to offer for 2020.  This is where you come in. What was missing in 2019? What could be refreshed? If you were to resubscribe what content would you like to see?  What Patron Rewards and Tiers would you be optimal for you? I need your input, your ideas, and your feedback!

I want 2020 to be a fantastic year and I want to see what it will take to make things better, more interesting, and I want you to enjoy some awesome and creative material. So take part in the poll below. If you don’t see what you’re after then just comment or message me. But either way please please please participate!