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A native Southerner, I’ve been a transplant to New York City since April 2012. After 2 years in Hells Kitchen, I’ve taken up residence in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene. I’m an IT Director for a non-profit organization so I’m very much a geek and nerd.

I love to blog and have become addicted to Instagram and iPhoneography. With my sarcastic, humorous, and joking demeanor I frequent social media including Twitter, Facebook, and of course Instagram.

I love coffee and you will most likely see me sitting in a coffeeshop reading or surfing the web. I love to travel and also spend a lot of time exploring New York, especially the Highline. I like to cook and drink wine as well.

While the majority of my older shots were limited to the iPhone, recently I spend most of my time with my Canon T4i 650d which is with me pretty much all the time. I’ve also started an addiction to Lightroom and DxO Optics, and I’ve started taking photos with my Sony A6000.

Feel free to make any comments or ask any questions. Just hit the “contact” link.

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